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This command will return a clutering results from the input kgtk file. The algorithms are provided by graph_tool (blockmodel, nested and mcmc)

Input File

The input file should be a KGTK Edge file with the following columns or their aliases:

  • node1: the subject column (source node)
  • label: the predicate column (property name)
  • node2: the object column (target node)

Processing an Input File that is Not a KGTK Edge File

If your input file doesn't have node1, label, or node2 columns (or their aliases) at all, then it is not a valid KGTK Edge file. In this case, you also have to pass the following command line option:

  • --input-mode=NONE

The Output File

The output file is an edge file that contains the following columns:

  • node1: this column contains each node
  • label: this column contains only 'in'
  • node2: this column contains the resulting cluster
  • node2;prob: this column contains the probability/confidence of clustering


usage: kgtk community-detection [-h] [-i INPUT_FILE] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]
                                [--method METHOD] [-v [optional True|False]]

Creating community detection from graph-tool using KGTK file, available options are blockmodel, nested and mcmc

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file INPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK input file. (May be omitted or '-' for
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK output file. (May be omitted or '-' for
  --method METHOD       Specify the clustering method to use.

  -v [optional True|False], --verbose [optional True|False]
                        Print additional progress messages (default=False).


Default model (blockmodel)

The following file will be used to illustrate some of the capabilities of kgtk reachable-nodes.

head examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv
node1 label node2 node1;label label;label node2;label
Q1086823 P22 Q345517 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'father'@en 'Peter Lawford'@en
Q1086823 P25 Q432694 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'mother'@en 'Patricia Kennedy Lawford'@en
Q1086823 P26 Q75326809 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'spouse'@en 'Jean Edith Olssen'@en
Q1086823 P3373 Q75326777 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'sibling'@en 'Victoria Lawford'@en
Q1086823 P3373 Q75326779 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'sibling'@en 'Sydney Lawford'@en
Q1086823 P3373 Q75326780 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'sibling'@en 'Robin Lawford'@en
Q1086823 P3448 Q96079835 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'stepparent'@en 'Mary Rowan'@en
Q1086823 P3448 Q96079836 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'stepparent'@en 'Deborah Gould'@en
Q1086823 P3448 Q96079838 'Christopher Lawford'@en 'stepparent'@en 'Patricia Seaton'@en

Find the communities using blockmodel.

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method blockmodel
node1 label node2
Q1086823 in cluster_9
Q345517 in cluster_9
Q432694 in cluster_3
Q75326809 in cluster_9
Q75326777 in cluster_9
Q75326779 in cluster_9
Q75326780 in cluster_9
Q96079835 in cluster_9
Q96079836 in cluster_9
Q96079838 in cluster_9
Q76363382 in cluster_9
Q76363384 in cluster_9
Q76363386 in cluster_9
Q11673 in cluster_40
Q467912 in cluster_40
Q134549 in cluster_3
Q9696 in cluster_17
Q313696 in cluster_18
Q236540 in cluster_18
Q441424 in cluster_20
Q7926996 in cluster_20
Q25310 in cluster_22
Q265595 in cluster_18
Q268799 in cluster_18
Q272401 in cluster_18
Q272908 in cluster_17
Q505178 in cluster_18
Q2383370 in cluster_20
Q3048622 in cluster_20
Q948920 in cluster_20
Q1352872 in cluster_40
Q258661 in cluster_40
Q1386420 in cluster_40
Q1804720 in cluster_40
Q1975383 in cluster_40
Q273833 in cluster_40
Q467861 in cluster_40
Q5112377 in cluster_40
Q5178632 in cluster_40
Q5301573 in cluster_40
Q6794923 in cluster_40
Q165421 in cluster_45
Q230303 in cluster_45
Q316064 in cluster_45
Q3290402 in cluster_45
Q75326753 in cluster_45
Q230654 in cluster_54
Q317248 in cluster_54
Q2685 in cluster_58
Q3436301 in cluster_54
Q3529079 in cluster_54
Q4773467 in cluster_54
Q6769708 in cluster_54
Q28109921 in cluster_58
Q28109928 in cluster_58
Q4521676 in cluster_58
Q901541 in cluster_58
Q23800185 in cluster_58
Q75494768 in cluster_58
Q23800370 in cluster_58
Q3288486 in cluster_58
Q96076900 in cluster_58
Q38196234 in cluster_58
Q24004771 in cluster_58
Q96077739 in cluster_54
Q96077740 in cluster_54
Q65589427 in cluster_54
Q43100988 in cluster_58
Q503706 in cluster_58
Q4491 in cluster_58
Q65589450 in cluster_54
Q75496774 in cluster_58
Q4616 in cluster_45

nested model

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method nested
node1 label node2
Q1086823 in cluster_0_6_11
Q345517 in cluster_0_8_11
Q432694 in cluster_0_0_39
Q75326809 in cluster_0_6_11
Q75326777 in cluster_0_8_11
Q75326779 in cluster_0_6_11
Q75326780 in cluster_0_8_11
Q96079835 in cluster_0_0_11
Q96079836 in cluster_0_0_11
Q96079838 in cluster_0_8_11
Q76363382 in cluster_0_0_11
Q76363384 in cluster_0_8_11
Q76363386 in cluster_0_6_11
Q11673 in cluster_0_6_51
Q467912 in cluster_0_8_51
Q134549 in cluster_0_6_39
Q9696 in cluster_0_6_30
Q313696 in cluster_0_0_13
Q236540 in cluster_0_8_13
Q441424 in cluster_0_8_18
Q7926996 in cluster_0_8_18
Q25310 in cluster_0_6_22
Q265595 in cluster_0_6_13
Q268799 in cluster_0_8_13
Q272401 in cluster_0_0_13
Q272908 in cluster_0_0_30
Q505178 in cluster_0_5_13
Q2383370 in cluster_0_6_18
Q3048622 in cluster_0_6_18
Q948920 in cluster_0_0_18
Q1352872 in cluster_0_5_51
Q258661 in cluster_0_8_51
Q1386420 in cluster_0_6_51
Q1804720 in cluster_0_0_51
Q1975383 in cluster_0_0_51
Q273833 in cluster_0_0_51
Q467861 in cluster_0_6_51
Q5112377 in cluster_0_0_51
Q5178632 in cluster_0_0_51
Q5301573 in cluster_0_5_51
Q6794923 in cluster_0_8_51
Q165421 in cluster_0_8_20
Q230303 in cluster_0_8_20
Q316064 in cluster_0_8_20
Q3290402 in cluster_0_8_20
Q75326753 in cluster_0_6_20
Q230654 in cluster_0_0_46
Q317248 in cluster_0_0_70
Q2685 in cluster_0_0_47
Q3436301 in cluster_0_0_70
Q3529079 in cluster_0_8_70
Q4773467 in cluster_0_6_70
Q6769708 in cluster_0_5_70
Q28109921 in cluster_0_8_47
Q28109928 in cluster_0_8_47
Q4521676 in cluster_0_0_47
Q901541 in cluster_0_6_47
Q23800185 in cluster_0_8_47
Q75494768 in cluster_0_8_47
Q23800370 in cluster_0_8_47
Q3288486 in cluster_0_0_47
Q96076900 in cluster_0_0_47
Q38196234 in cluster_0_0_47
Q24004771 in cluster_0_0_47
Q96077739 in cluster_0_0_70
Q96077740 in cluster_0_8_70
Q65589427 in cluster_0_6_70
Q43100988 in cluster_0_0_47
Q503706 in cluster_0_6_47
Q4491 in cluster_0_6_47
Q65589450 in cluster_0_0_70
Q75496774 in cluster_0_0_47
Q4616 in cluster_0_6_20

MCMC model

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method mcmc
node1 label node2 node2;prob
Q1086823 in cluster_0 1.0
Q345517 in cluster_0 1.0
Q432694 in cluster_3 0.7686768676867687
Q75326809 in cluster_0 1.0
Q75326777 in cluster_0 1.0
Q75326779 in cluster_0 1.0
Q75326780 in cluster_0 1.0
Q96079835 in cluster_0 1.0
Q96079836 in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Q96079838 in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Q76363382 in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Q76363384 in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Q76363386 in cluster_0 1.0
Q11673 in cluster_2 0.9456945694569457
Q467912 in cluster_2 1.0
Q134549 in cluster_1 0.8934893489348935
Q9696 in cluster_1 0.8660866086608661
Q313696 in cluster_4 0.9994999499949995
Q236540 in cluster_4 0.9994999499949995
Q441424 in cluster_7 0.8274827482748275
Q7926996 in cluster_7 0.5159515951595159
Q25310 in cluster_6 1.0
Q265595 in cluster_4 0.9995999599959996
Q268799 in cluster_4 0.9994999499949995
Q272401 in cluster_4 0.9993999399939995
Q272908 in cluster_3 0.9943994399439944
Q505178 in cluster_4 0.9992999299929993
Q2383370 in cluster_7 0.8272827282728272
Q3048622 in cluster_7 0.8273827382738274
Q948920 in cluster_7 0.8272827282728272
Q1352872 in cluster_2 1.0
Q258661 in cluster_2 1.0
Q1386420 in cluster_2 1.0
Q1804720 in cluster_2 1.0
Q1975383 in cluster_2 1.0
Q273833 in cluster_2 1.0
Q467861 in cluster_2 1.0
Q5112377 in cluster_2 1.0
Q5178632 in cluster_2 1.0
Q5301573 in cluster_2 1.0
Q6794923 in cluster_2 1.0
Q165421 in cluster_7 1.0
Q230303 in cluster_7 1.0
Q316064 in cluster_7 1.0
Q3290402 in cluster_7 1.0
Q75326753 in cluster_7 1.0
Q230654 in cluster_8 0.9826982698269827
Q317248 in cluster_8 0.9997999799979999
Q2685 in cluster_9 1.0
Q3436301 in cluster_8 0.9998999899989999
Q3529079 in cluster_8 1.0
Q4773467 in cluster_8 0.9998999899989999
Q6769708 in cluster_8 1.0
Q28109921 in cluster_9 1.0
Q28109928 in cluster_9 1.0
Q4521676 in cluster_9 1.0
Q901541 in cluster_9 1.0
Q23800185 in cluster_9 1.0
Q75494768 in cluster_9 1.0
Q23800370 in cluster_9 0.9998999899989999
Q3288486 in cluster_9 1.0
Q96076900 in cluster_9 0.987998799879988
Q38196234 in cluster_9 0.9998999899989999
Q24004771 in cluster_9 0.9867986798679867
Q96077739 in cluster_8 0.9931993199319932
Q96077740 in cluster_8 0.9913991399139914
Q65589427 in cluster_8 0.9426942694269427
Q43100988 in cluster_9 0.986998699869987
Q503706 in cluster_9 0.988998899889989
Q4491 in cluster_9 0.9871987198719872
Q65589450 in cluster_8 0.9425942594259425
Q75496774 in cluster_9 0.9872987298729873
Q4616 in cluster_7 0.5119511951195119