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This command will return a clutering results from the input kgtk file. The algorithms are provided by graph_tool (blockmodel, nested and mcmc)

Input File

The input file should be a KGTK Edge file with the following columns or their aliases:

  • node1: the subject column (source node)
  • label: the predicate column (property name)
  • node2: the object column (target node)

Processing an Input File that is Not a KGTK Edge File

If your input file doesn't have node1, label, or node2 columns (or their aliases) at all, then it is not a valid KGTK Edge file. In this case, you also have to pass the following command line option:

  • --input-mode=NONE

The Output File

The output file is an edge file that contains the following columns:

  • node1: this column contains each node
  • label: this column contains only 'in'
  • node2: this column contains the resulting cluster
  • node2;prob: this column contains the probability/confidence of clustering


usage: kgtk community-detection [-h] [-i INPUT_FILE] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]
                                [--method METHOD]
                                [--old-id-column-name COLUMN_NAME]
                                [--new-id-column-name COLUMN_NAME]
                                [--overwrite-id [optional true|false]]
                                [--verify-id-unique [optional true|false]]
                                [--id-style {node1-label-node2,node1-label-num,node1-label-node2-num,node1-label-node2-id,empty,prefix###,wikidata,wikidata-with-claim-id}]
                                [--id-prefix PREFIX] [--initial-id INTEGER]
                                [--id-prefix-num-width INTEGER]
                                [--id-concat-num-width INTEGER]
                                [--value-hash-width VALUE_HASH_WIDTH]
                                [--claim-id-hash-width CLAIM_ID_HASH_WIDTH]
                                [--claim-id-column-name CLAIM_ID_COLUMN_NAME]
                                [--id-separator ID_SEPARATOR]
                                [-v [optional True|False]]

Creating community detection from graph-tool using KGTK file, available options are blockmodel, nested and mcmc

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file INPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK input file. (May be omitted or '-' for
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK output file. (May be omitted or '-' for
  --method METHOD       Specify the clustering method to use.
  --old-id-column-name COLUMN_NAME
                        The name of the old ID column. (default=id).
  --new-id-column-name COLUMN_NAME
                        The name of the new ID column. (default=id).
  --overwrite-id [optional true|false]
                        When true, replace existing ID values. When false,
                        copy existing ID values. When --overwrite-id is
                        omitted, it defaults to False. When --overwrite-id is
                        supplied without an argument, it is True.
  --verify-id-unique [optional true|false]
                        When true, verify ID uniqueness using an in-memory set
                        of IDs. When --verify-id-unique is omitted, it
                        defaults to False. When --verify-id-unique is supplied
                        without an argument, it is True.
  --id-style {node1-label-node2,node1-label-num,node1-label-node2-num,node1-label-node2-id,empty,prefix###,wikidata,wikidata-with-claim-id}
                        The ID generation style. (default=prefix###).
  --id-prefix PREFIX    The prefix for a prefix### ID. (default=E).
  --initial-id INTEGER  The initial numeric value for a prefix### ID.
  --id-prefix-num-width INTEGER
                        The width of the numeric value for a prefix### ID.
  --id-concat-num-width INTEGER
                        The width of the numeric value for a concatenated ID.
  --value-hash-width VALUE_HASH_WIDTH
                        How many characters should be used in a value hash?
  --claim-id-hash-width CLAIM_ID_HASH_WIDTH
                        How many characters should be used to hash the claim
                        ID? 0 means do not hash the claim ID. (default=8)
  --claim-id-column-name CLAIM_ID_COLUMN_NAME
                        The name of the claim_id column. (default=claim_id)
  --id-separator ID_SEPARATOR
                        The separator user between ID subfields. (default=-)

  -v [optional True|False], --verbose [optional True|False]
                        Print additional progress messages (default=False).


Default model (blockmodel)

The following file will be used to illustrate some of the capabilities of kgtk reachable-nodes.

head examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv
node1 label node2
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'Rosemary Kennedy'@en
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington'@en
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'Jean Kennedy Smith'@en
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'Eunice Kennedy Shriver'@en
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'Patricia Kennedy Lawford'@en
'Joseph P. Kennedy Jr.'@en P3373 'John F. Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P22 'Robert F. Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P25 'Ethel Skakel Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Robert F. Kennedy Jr.'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Joseph P. Kennedy II'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Michael LeMoyne Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'David A. Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Rory Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Kathleen Kennedy Townsend'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Kerry Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Courtney Kennedy Hill'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Douglas Harriman Kennedy'@en
'Christopher G. Kennedy'@en P3373 'Max Kennedy'@en
'Courtney Kennedy Hill'@en P22 'Robert F. Kennedy'@en
'Courtney Kennedy Hill'@en P25 'Ethel Skakel Kennedy'@en

Find the communities using blockmodel.

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method blockmodel
node1 label node2
Christopher Lawford in cluster_6
Peter Lawford in cluster_2
Patricia Kennedy Lawford in cluster_7
Jean Edith Olssen in cluster_13
Victoria Lawford in cluster_2
Sydney Lawford in cluster_2
Robin Lawford in cluster_6
Mary Rowan in cluster_6
Deborah Gould in cluster_6
Patricia Seaton in cluster_6
David Christopher Lawford in cluster_13
Savannah Rose Lawford in cluster_13
Matthew Valentine Lawford in cluster_13
Andrew Cuomo in cluster_31
Kerry Kennedy in cluster_31
Ted Kennedy in cluster_19
John F. Kennedy in cluster_23
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. in cluster_24
Rose Kennedy in cluster_24
Joan Bennett Kennedy in cluster_20
Victoria Reggie Kennedy in cluster_20
Robert F. Kennedy in cluster_22
Rosemary Kennedy in cluster_24
Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington in cluster_24
Jean Kennedy Smith in cluster_24
Eunice Kennedy Shriver in cluster_23
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_24
Kara Kennedy in cluster_20
Edward M. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_20
Patrick J. Kennedy in cluster_20
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_31
Ethel Skakel Kennedy in cluster_31
Joseph P. Kennedy II in cluster_31
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy in cluster_31
David A. Kennedy in cluster_31
Rory Kennedy in cluster_31
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in cluster_31
Christopher G. Kennedy in cluster_31
Courtney Kennedy Hill in cluster_31
Douglas Harriman Kennedy in cluster_31
Max Kennedy in cluster_31
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in cluster_42
Caroline Kennedy in cluster_42
John F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_42
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy in cluster_42
Arabelle Kennedy in cluster_42
Maria Shriver in cluster_57
Sargent Shriver in cluster_52
Arnold Schwarzenegger in cluster_63
Bobby Shriver in cluster_52
Timothy Shriver in cluster_48
Anthony Shriver in cluster_52
Mark Shriver in cluster_48
Christina Schwarzenegger in cluster_58
Christopher Schwarzenegger in cluster_58
Katherine Schwarzenegger in cluster_58
Patrick Schwarzenegger in cluster_63
Joseph Baena in cluster_58
Mildred Patricia Baena in cluster_57
Aurelia Schwarzenegger in cluster_60
Gustav Schwarzenegger in cluster_60
Jadrny in cluster_60
Meinhard Schwarzenegger in cluster_60
Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger in cluster_60
Robert Sargent Shriver in cluster_48
Hilda Shriver in cluster_48
Malissa Feruzzi in cluster_48
Jack Pratt in cluster_69
Chris Pratt in cluster_69
Anna Faris in cluster_69
Alina Shriver in cluster_48
Rogelio Baena in cluster_48
Marilyn Monroe in cluster_42

nested model

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method nested
node1 label node2
Christopher Lawford in cluster_0_10_43
Peter Lawford in cluster_0_2_43
Patricia Kennedy Lawford in cluster_0_10_0
Jean Edith Olssen in cluster_0_2_43
Victoria Lawford in cluster_0_10_43
Sydney Lawford in cluster_0_2_43
Robin Lawford in cluster_0_2_43
Mary Rowan in cluster_0_2_43
Deborah Gould in cluster_0_10_43
Patricia Seaton in cluster_0_7_43
David Christopher Lawford in cluster_0_2_43
Savannah Rose Lawford in cluster_0_10_43
Matthew Valentine Lawford in cluster_0_2_43
Andrew Cuomo in cluster_0_7_14
Kerry Kennedy in cluster_0_7_14
Ted Kennedy in cluster_0_10_34
John F. Kennedy in cluster_0_2_38
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. in cluster_0_10_65
Rose Kennedy in cluster_0_10_65
Joan Bennett Kennedy in cluster_0_2_40
Victoria Reggie Kennedy in cluster_0_7_40
Robert F. Kennedy in cluster_0_10_35
Rosemary Kennedy in cluster_0_10_65
Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington in cluster_0_7_65
Jean Kennedy Smith in cluster_0_7_65
Eunice Kennedy Shriver in cluster_0_10_38
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_0_2_65
Kara Kennedy in cluster_0_2_40
Edward M. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_0_7_40
Patrick J. Kennedy in cluster_0_7_40
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_0_10_14
Ethel Skakel Kennedy in cluster_0_2_14
Joseph P. Kennedy II in cluster_0_2_14
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy in cluster_0_2_14
David A. Kennedy in cluster_0_10_14
Rory Kennedy in cluster_0_7_14
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in cluster_0_10_14
Christopher G. Kennedy in cluster_0_2_14
Courtney Kennedy Hill in cluster_0_4_14
Douglas Harriman Kennedy in cluster_0_10_14
Max Kennedy in cluster_0_10_14
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in cluster_0_10_57
Caroline Kennedy in cluster_0_2_57
John F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_0_10_57
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy in cluster_0_2_57
Arabelle Kennedy in cluster_0_7_57
Maria Shriver in cluster_0_2_51
Sargent Shriver in cluster_0_10_33
Arnold Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_10_69
Bobby Shriver in cluster_0_2_33
Timothy Shriver in cluster_0_10_33
Anthony Shriver in cluster_0_2_33
Mark Shriver in cluster_0_10_33
Christina Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_2_69
Christopher Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_10_69
Katherine Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_7_69
Patrick Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_7_69
Joseph Baena in cluster_0_2_69
Mildred Patricia Baena in cluster_0_2_69
Aurelia Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_4_69
Gustav Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_10_69
Jadrny in cluster_0_2_69
Meinhard Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_10_69
Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger in cluster_0_2_69
Robert Sargent Shriver in cluster_0_2_33
Hilda Shriver in cluster_0_10_33
Malissa Feruzzi in cluster_0_2_33
Jack Pratt in cluster_0_7_69
Chris Pratt in cluster_0_7_69
Anna Faris in cluster_0_2_69
Alina Shriver in cluster_0_2_33
Rogelio Baena in cluster_0_2_69
Marilyn Monroe in cluster_0_2_65

MCMC model

kgtk community-detection -i examples/docs/community-detection-arnold.tsv --method mcmc
node1 label node2 node2;prob
Christopher Lawford in cluster_0 1.0
Peter Lawford in cluster_0 1.0
Patricia Kennedy Lawford in cluster_1 0.806980698069807
Jean Edith Olssen in cluster_0 1.0
Victoria Lawford in cluster_0 1.0
Sydney Lawford in cluster_0 1.0
Robin Lawford in cluster_0 1.0
Mary Rowan in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Deborah Gould in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Patricia Seaton in cluster_0 1.0
David Christopher Lawford in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Savannah Rose Lawford in cluster_0 0.9998999899989999
Matthew Valentine Lawford in cluster_0 0.9997999799979999
Andrew Cuomo in cluster_2 0.9457945794579458
Kerry Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Ted Kennedy in cluster_3 0.8140814081408141
John F. Kennedy in cluster_3 0.9794979497949795
Joseph P. Kennedy Sr. in cluster_4 0.9993999399939995
Rose Kennedy in cluster_4 0.9992999299929993
Joan Bennett Kennedy in cluster_5 0.7872787278727873
Victoria Reggie Kennedy in cluster_5 0.48514851485148514
Robert F. Kennedy in cluster_6 1.0
Rosemary Kennedy in cluster_4 0.9994999499949995
Kathleen Cavendish, Marchioness of Hartington in cluster_4 0.9991999199919992
Jean Kennedy Smith in cluster_4 0.9995999599959996
Eunice Kennedy Shriver in cluster_1 0.866986698669867
Joseph P. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_4 0.9990999099909991
Kara Kennedy in cluster_5 0.7872787278727873
Edward M. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_5 0.7872787278727873
Patrick J. Kennedy in cluster_5 0.787078707870787
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_2 1.0
Ethel Skakel Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Joseph P. Kennedy II in cluster_2 1.0
Michael LeMoyne Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
David A. Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Rory Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Kathleen Kennedy Townsend in cluster_2 1.0
Christopher G. Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Courtney Kennedy Hill in cluster_2 1.0
Douglas Harriman Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Max Kennedy in cluster_2 1.0
Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis in cluster_5 1.0
Caroline Kennedy in cluster_5 1.0
John F. Kennedy Jr. in cluster_5 1.0
Patrick Bouvier Kennedy in cluster_5 0.9998999899989999
Arabelle Kennedy in cluster_5 1.0
Maria Shriver in cluster_7 0.9790979097909791
Sargent Shriver in cluster_7 0.9998999899989999
Arnold Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 1.0
Bobby Shriver in cluster_7 0.9998999899989999
Timothy Shriver in cluster_7 0.9998999899989999
Anthony Shriver in cluster_7 1.0
Mark Shriver in cluster_7 0.9998999899989999
Christina Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 0.9998999899989999
Christopher Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 1.0
Katherine Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 1.0
Patrick Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 1.0
Joseph Baena in cluster_8 1.0
Mildred Patricia Baena in cluster_8 0.9997999799979999
Aurelia Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 0.9998999899989999
Gustav Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 0.9997999799979999
Jadrny in cluster_8 0.987998799879988
Meinhard Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 1.0
Patrick M. Knapp Schwarzenegger in cluster_8 0.98999899989999
Robert Sargent Shriver in cluster_7 0.9921992199219922
Hilda Shriver in cluster_7 0.9938993899389938
Malissa Feruzzi in cluster_7 0.9416941694169417
Jack Pratt in cluster_8 0.9837983798379838
Chris Pratt in cluster_8 0.9858985898589859
Anna Faris in cluster_8 0.9840984098409841
Alina Shriver in cluster_7 0.9413941394139413
Rogelio Baena in cluster_8 0.9873987398739874
Marilyn Monroe in cluster_5 0.49194919491949196