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Import a file with concept pairs into KGTK format. The relation to connect them with can be specified through an argument, as well as the source. The resulting KGTK file consists of 9 columns.


usage: kgtk import-concept-pairs [-h] [-i INPUT_FILE] [--relation RELATION]
                                 [--source SOURCE] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file INPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK input file. (May be omitted or '-' for
  --relation RELATION   Relation to connect the word pairs with.
  --source SOURCE       Source identifier
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK output file. (May be omitted or '-' for


Let's say that we want to import synonym pairs from the ROGET thesaurus, and connect them with the /r/Synonym relation:

kgtk import-concept-pairs -i synonyms.txt --source RG --relation /r/Synonym -o roget_syn.tsv

Example output (first and last 10 lines):

node1 relation node2 node1;label node2;label relation;label relation;dimension source sentence
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_defer "fawn" "defer" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_kowtow "fawn" "kowtow" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_flatter "fawn" "flatter" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_stroke "fawn" "stroke" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_brownnose "fawn" "brownnose" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_submit "fawn" "submit" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_toady "fawn" "toady" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_creep "fawn" "creep" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_fawn /r/Synonym rg:en_cotton "fawn" "cotton" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_architect /r/Synonym rg:en_engineer "architect" "engineer" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_untalented /r/Synonym rg:en_talentless "untalented" "talentless" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_jowl "jawbone" "jowl" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_schmoose "jawbone" "schmoose" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_mandible "jawbone" "mandible" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_shmoose "jawbone" "shmoose" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_submaxilla "jawbone" "submaxilla" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_mandibula "jawbone" "mandibula" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_shmooze "jawbone" "shmooze" "synonym" "RG"
rg:en_jawbone /r/Synonym rg:en_schmooze "jawbone" "schmooze" "synonym" "RG"