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KGTK environment variables

Environment Variables

The KGTK commands use environment variables to provide the default value for certain command options.

Command Option Environment Variable Value Type Default Description
(all) --debug KGTK_OPTION_DEBUG boolean false When true, enable debug mode. When errors occur, more complete error traces are written.
(all) --expert KGTK_OPTION_EXPERT boolean false When true, enable expert mode. In expert mode, additional command options may be provided to --help.
(many) --graph-cache KGTK_GRAPH_CACHE string query: special per-user filename The location of the graph cache file.
add-labels lift --label-file KGTK_LABEL_FILE string (none) The location of the KGTK file containing label values.
(all) --pipedebug KGTK_OPTION_PIPEDEBUG boolean false When true, enable pipe debug mode. Additional feedback is provided during the execution of KGTK command pipes.
(all) --progress KGTK_OPTION_PROGRESS boolean false When true, enable progress monitoring. The pv command is used to monitor command execution.
(all) --progress-tty KGTK_OPTION_PROGRESS_TTY string /dev/tty The tty device for progress monitoring output.
(all) --timing KGTK_OPTION_TIMING boolean false When true, enable timing measurements. A summary of process time is printed.
Function Option Environment Variable Value type Default Description
kgtk() kypher() auto_display_html KGTK_AUTO_DISPLAY_HTML boolean true When true, display HTML output. When false, print HTML output.
kgtk() kypher() auto_display_json KGTK_AUTO_DISPLAY_JSON boolean true When true, display JSON output. When false, print JSON output.
kgtk() kypher() auto_display_md KGTK_AUTO_DISPLAY_MD boolean false When true, display Markdown output (md, table). When false, print Markdown output.
kgtk() kypher() bash_command KGTK_BASH_COMMAND string bash The shell script interpreter used for subcommand execution.
kgtk() kypher() kgtk_command KGTK_KGTK_COMMAND string kgtk The kgtk command used for subcommand execution. This option may also be used to invoke timing (time kgtk) or to pass options to the kgtk command (kgtk --debug).