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Import WordNet v3.0 into KGTK format. Currently, four relations are included: hypernymy, membership holonymy, part-of holonymy, and substance meronymy. The resulting KGTK file consists of 9 columns.


usage: kgtk import-wordnet [-h] [-o OUTPUT_FILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK output file. (May be omitted or '-' for


Importing WordNet can be done as follows (no inputs should be provided, as WordNet is read through the NLTK package):

kgtk import-wordnet -o wordnet.tsv

Example output (first and last 10 lines):

node1 relation node2 node1;label node2;label relation;label relation;dimension source sentence
wn:physical_entity.n.01 /r/IsA wn:entity.n.01 "physical entity" "entity" "is a" "WN"
wn:abstraction.n.06 /r/IsA wn:entity.n.01 "abstraction"|"abstract entity" "entity" "is a" "WN"
wn:thing.n.12 /r/IsA wn:physical_entity.n.01 "thing" "physical entity" "is a" "WN"
wn:object.n.01 /r/IsA wn:physical_entity.n.01 "object"|"physical object" "physical entity" "is a" "WN"
wn:whole.n.02 /r/IsA wn:object.n.01 "whole"|"unit" "object"|"physical object" "is a" "WN"
wn:congener.n.03 /r/IsA wn:whole.n.02 "congener" "whole"|"unit" "is a" "WN"
wn:living_thing.n.01 /r/IsA wn:whole.n.02 "living thing"|"animate thing" "whole"|"unit" "is a" "WN"
wn:organism.n.01 /r/IsA wn:living_thing.n.01 "organism"|"being" "living thing"|"animate thing" "is a" "WN"
wn:benthos.n.02 /r/IsA wn:organism.n.01 "benthos" "organism"|"being" "is a" "WN"
wn:wood.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:lignin.n.01 "wood" "lignin" "is made of" "WN"
wn:wolframite.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:tungsten.n.01 "wolframite"|"iron manganese tungsten" "tungsten"|"wolfram"|"W"|"atomic number 74" "is made of" "WN"
wn:xenotime.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:thulium.n.01 "xenotime" "thulium"|"Tm"|"atomic number 69" "is made of" "WN"
wn:xenotime.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:ytterbium.n.01 "xenotime" "ytterbium"|"Yb"|"atomic number 70" "is made of" "WN"
wn:xenotime.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:yttrium.n.01 "xenotime" "yttrium"|"Y"|"atomic number 39" "is made of" "WN"
wn:zinc_blende.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:indium.n.01 "zinc blende"|"blende"|"sphalerite" "indium"|"In"|"atomic number 49" "is made of" "WN"
wn:zinc_blende.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:thallium.n.01 "zinc blende"|"blende"|"sphalerite" "thallium"|"Tl"|"atomic number 81" "is made of" "WN"
wn:zinc_white.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:zinc_oxide.n.01 "zinc white"|"Chinese white" "zinc oxide"|"flowers of zinc"|"philosopher\'s wool"|"philosophers\' wool" "is made of" "WN"
wn:zinnwaldite.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:lithium.n.01 "zinnwaldite" "lithium"|"Li"|"atomic number 3" "is made of" "WN"
wn:zircon.n.01 /r/MadeOf wn:zirconium.n.01 "zircon"|"zirconium silicate" "zirconium"|"Zr"|"atomic number 40" "is made of" "WN"