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Import Visual Genome into KGTK format.


usage: kgtk import-visualgenome [-h] [-i INPUT_FILE]
                                [--attr-synsets ATTR_SYN_FILE]
                                [-o OUTPUT_FILE]

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  -i INPUT_FILE, --input-file INPUT_FILE
                        Visual Genome scene graph file (May be omitted or '-'
                        for stdin.)
  --attr-synsets ATTR_SYN_FILE
                        Visual Genome file with attribute synsets. (May be
                        omitted or '-' for stdin.)
  -o OUTPUT_FILE, --output-file OUTPUT_FILE
                        The KGTK output file. (May be omitted or '-' for


Import Visual Genome into KGTK.

kgtk import-visualgenome -i scene_graphs.json --attr-synsets attribute_synsets.json -o vg.tsv

Example output (first and last 10 lines):

node1 relation node2 node1;label node2;label relation;label relation;dimension source sentence
wn:clock.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:green.s.01 "clock" "green" "may have property" "VG"
wn:clock.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:tall.a.01 "clock" "tall" "may have property" "VG"
wn:gym_shoe.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:grey.s.01 "sneakers" "grey" "may have property" "VG"
wn:headlight.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:off.a.01 "headlight" "off" "may have property" "VG"
wn:bicycle.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:parked.a.01 "bike" "parked" "may have property" "VG"
wn:bicycle.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:away.s.01 "bike" "far away" "may have property" "VG"
wn:bicycle.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:chained.s.01 "bike" "chained" "may have property" "VG"
wn:sign.n.02 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:black.a.01 "sign" "black" "may have property" "VG"
wn:building.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:tall.a.01 "building" "tall" "may have property" "VG"
wn:bus.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:large.a.01 "bus" "large" "may have property" "VG"
wn:sky.n.01 mw:MayHaveProperty wn:blue.s.01 "sky" "blue" "may have property" "VG"
wn:range.n.04 /r/LocatedNear wn:distance.n.01 "mountain range" "distance" "in" "VG"
wn:bus.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:road.n.01 "bus" "road" "on" "VG"
wn:grillroom.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:bus.n.01 "grill" "bus" "on" "VG"
wn:numeral.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:bus.n.01 "number" "bus" "on" "VG"
wn:plate.n.04 /r/LocatedNear wn:bus.n.01 "plate" "bus" "on" "VG"
wn:bus.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:desert.n.01 "bus" "desert" "in" "VG"
wn:bus.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:door.n.01 "bus" "doors" "with" "VG"
wn:door.n.01 /r/LocatedNear wn:bus.n.01 "door" "bus" "on" "VG"